File Management System

FMS document management system contains multiple features that make document management quick and easy. FMS is an intelligent document management tool which makes managing documents smart quick and easy. A vital tool in reducing in process bottlenecks, it keeps a watchful eye on information flow within a company.

FMS is a smart & user friendly tool that equips your business to meet the challenges of ever increasing data. It synchronizes all aspects of data management from storage to access to data transfer and ensures faster delivery of data. Proven for small & medium businesses, it can be customized for organization specific needs.
Web based Application
Real Time Searching
Drag and Drop files
File level access rules
Easy data transportation
Smart Uploads
Internal message center
Integrated notifications
Scalable /Customizable
Easy to learn
Speedy Searching
Smarter document access
Elaborate notification
Unlimited security rules
Multiple file upload
Easily customizable
Learns usage patterns
Inbuilt messaging
Remote Access
Environment Friendly
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