Hotel Management Application

i-SALES PRO provides an ultimate Hotel management system to the owners of multiple properties to monitor their business sales from one location. Supervising the sales and revenue statistics of multiple hotels in the portfolio is the fundamental requirement for the success of the business.. Fully equipped i-SALES Pro is a powerful tool that gives access to manage sales from Guest rooms, Function rooms as well as from F & B Department of the entire Hotel.

Additional features of Negotiated Rate, Group Business, Business referrals have also been incorporated to meet the emerging demands in the hospitality industry. Tools like fixing appointments, allocation of tasks, inquiry management etc enable prompt execution of services and prevent communication gaps for efficient Hotel management. User preference allows you to add/edit the details of the users of the system.
Organize & Manage your Multiple Properties
Store and administer detailed information about your properties from one location through a centralized access system.
Monitor Sales Business
Administer and supervise sales statistics generating from Function rooms as well as Guest Rooms. One can examine all the data regarding Rental sales, F & B sales, applicable taxes and other sales figures of single as well as multiple properties from a single source.
Guest Room Control
One can access to the status of Guest Rooms and Function Rooms through GRC (Guest Room Control) and Function Diary. It gives details on availability and status of Guest Rooms & Function Rooms. This function also analyses and summarizes total availability, occupancy and details of protected rooms.
Manage Group Business
Organize all the sales statistics of the Group Business of the Hotel. Corporate Meetings, conferences, Room services, F & B sales of particular group can also be stored and accessed in an organized manner.
Organize & Manage Multiple Properties
Store and administer detailed information about multiple properties from one location. Broad categories of information include Property type, Property value, Features, Staff members data etc. One can view and edit menu contents, applicable taxes according to the requirements. Templates for Contract, Thanks-giving, follow up letters are available & accessible for instant communication.
Integrate Negotiated Rate details and Business Referrals
One can incorporate the data regarding the lowest rate acceptable for business. Based on various calculations one can feed the information and come out with the best deal for the hotel as well as Customers. Data regarding Business referrals coming through agencies, third parties can also be stored with information like referral status, property etc.
Authorize access to the system
The Controller of the system can add, edit, and manage users of the system. Definite roles and functions can be allocated to each employee for smoother execution of services.
Manage Inquiries
One can organize all the data regarding the latest inquiries about the services provided by the hotel.
Fix Appointments and Tasks
Various tasks can be allocated to the concerned employee, which has to be performed within stipulated time. Important appointments and notifications can be scheduled in the system that can act as reminders. Hierarchical allocation of tasks is also possible through i-SalesCat.
Tools for merging two accounts having parent/child relation, import/export contacts of the system to outlook, report generation based on specific criteria, data backup, archive of past information etc can be extremely handy in day-to-day operations of your Hotel.
A multipurpose hotel-management-application software
User friendliness and modern web technologies
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