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Why Domain Registration?

Domain registration ensures your website stands out from the rest and also becomes part of the overall Brand identity. Domain Registration is the very first step in the long process of Digitization of your Brand and Company services.

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Our Domain Registration Process

We resort to a comprehensive Step-by-step process in the registration of a safe, usable and secure domain name.

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Based on your requirements, we sort out recognized Domain IP addresses and provide you with a plethora of options on a monthly or yearly basis.


Researching Domain Names

We research suitable domain names considering your corporate name as well as how easier it is for end-users to search your company online. We provide a suitable list of options in case of other alternatives to be used.

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Creating a DNS Server Registry

Once you’ve decided your domain name, we promptly register your name into DNS registry system. This allows online searches to be re-directed to our servers to find out your website.


Linking with suitable TLDs

In simple terms, if you have a commercial website, .com will be your TLD for use. For other kinds of entities, .org, .biz, .info may also be used depending on the kind of website. For further refining of search, Country code TLDs such as .in, .us, .uk can also be applied.

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