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Why Choose Our E-commerce Solutions?

We provide a range of options for e-commerce websites. Along with our website development, SEO and SSL services, we can create an overall e-commerce website, not only secure but also ranked high in safety. This allows your customers to see what they want to, safe and secure in the knowledge that their personal data will not be misused.

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E-commerce Portal Development Process

We follow step by step guidelines in developing e-commerce platform so that our work may do justice to client requirements and that the ecommerce platform is scalable, with added functionalities options in case they may be required in future.

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Online & technical Research

A body of research on customer profile, security, CMS, open-source tools etc. is needed before proceed with our work. This ensures we are up to task with the development process.


Using Webtools

Since e-commerce platforms are web oriented, we use Magneto and AngularJS tools to develop a skeleton frame of your upcoming e-commerce website.

Process Images
Process Images

Graphics & Content

Our team of content and graphic designers fill-up the website with visual and informative content. This is critical step where client inputs are mandatory to ensure the e-commerce portal is up to their standards.


Linking up Other Web Features

We create backlinks to your main website, blogs and other portals, depending on what our client requirement is. Sometimes, ec-commerce portals are merged with home pages and we also seamlessly integrate these together.

Process Images
Process Images

Chat-bot Deployment

Many e-commerce portals have queries from customers which may not be answered by back-office employees working in customer services section. We develop chat-bots which are interactive, and can answer basic queries. For advanced queries we setup hotlines to customer services. Chat-bot deployment reduces back-office workload and can help portal owners to cut costs wherever necessary.

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