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When to a Choose Mail Server

Unlike Google or Yahoo mails, corporate servers have unique advantages: security, high storage and confidentiality. Unlike commercial mailers, corporate servers don’t require a third party to handle their mails and store for them, making all the mails and the data stored, secure and away from prying eyes. It also helps in creating a trust in minds of customers who deal with major corporations having their own email domain.

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Mail Server Setup Process

Setting up a mail server requires an understanding of client technical requirements. This means two approaches need to be taken: Hardware and software.

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Physical Setup of Mail Servers

This is simply for those companies which need to deal with bulk data storage and who received high amounts of data in a daily basis and which is critical for their operations. Server software, server hard drives need to be setup to increase data storage capacity.


Setting up MDA

Outlook or Thunderbird can be used as MDAs for email send/receive between two parties. Depending on the kind of mails, we can increase the standard limit size of 25MB to more than 100MB. Instead of POP3, we use IMAP protocols for email. However, this depends on the kind of machines used and how much storage is needed.

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Setting up third Party MTAs

There are various options in selection of reliable, fast delivering Mail Transfer Agents. We provide you a list of such options which you can select based on their monthly or yearly plans.


Setting-up Mail filter

Creating email server and domain addresses can be tricky and due to huge number of spam mails received on daily basis. It makes perfect sense to create email filters so that only recognized emails may be received in the Inbox.

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