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Why Choose our Mailing Services?

Gmail may not be enough when it comes to handling volumes of mails you receive and send every day. What’s more, you may want to keep alternatives in your mailing systems which are secure and unlike Gmail, the mail domain remains exclusively under your control. Our in-house mailing solutions can help you.

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Our Mailing Solutions Process

Various kinds of businesses may require different kinds of features in domain mailing. We have a vast range of mailing service options for you.

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Budget Requirements

Depending on the kind of mail data, we suggest various options from low-cost mailing solutions to heavily featured services.


Storage Size

For receiving larger attachments, more storage space is the minimum you, as an organization would need for day to day activities.

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Process Images

Automated Response System

We setup ARS for online queries received through mails. This is immensely helpful in dealing with bulk emails.


Mass Mailing

We also set up mass emailing features, so that on one-click, you could send marketing emails to thousands of online emails at a time.

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