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Tap-and-type is the new norm. Want to make a bold statement with your app? We got you. From scratch to a shiny new, all-equipped apk. VCan knows how to make utility and style walk hand-in-hand. Geekiest coders and the most artistic UI creators, app development is a lot of fun with us!


The Key Steps

Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly
crafted logo for your business.

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Laying down the basics

We do the groundwork first. Good research helps us know exactly what we want to deliver and to whom. This step also involves chalking out the user personas. This material then is used as the foundation for further development.


UI/UX Design

Another important aspect is designing the User Experience (UX) so that we know customer journeys and behavior projections with various features. User Interface is crafting the look and feel of the app. We focus our energies into creating something out of the box in terms of both design and usability.

Process Images
Process Images


To lay down the structures and lock on the templates, we create wireframes. The focus is mainly on aesthetics and user experience,visual styles. It is an easy and fast way to know everything is on the right track before working towards the prototype.



One the basics are locked, we create mockups which are evolved versions of wireframes. This a preview of how the final app would exactly look. Mockups can help everyone involved with the project know what the app is going to look like and the basic functionalities are figured out too.

Process Images
Process Images

Back-End/Server Technology

This is where the technical drafting of the app begins once the designing part is dealt with. The server side objects necessary for supporting the app’s functions are given their usability in this part.



An Application Programming Interface (API) is how a communication is established between the app and the backend maintenance database.

Process Images
Process Images

Mobile App Front-End

Most mobile apps consist of interactive UX that use an API and a back-end for data management. How the front-end development process weaves all these background and foreground processes together to manufacture the perfect app for for your business purpose.

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