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Why Choose our SAP/ERP Support Services?

Our expert team of professionals have an exceptional understanding of complex operations, frameworks, IT infrastructure, legacy systems etc. in order to carry out maintenance/upgrade operations on existing SAP/ERP setups to ensure that transition process is as smooth as possible. We also provide third-party support for SAP/ERP systems such as storage options, server hosting etc.

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SAP/ERP Maintenance/Upgrade Process

A systematic process starting from analysis of hardware infrastructure to software components till IT infrastructure setup and software goes a long way in ensuring smoother operation of existing SAP/ERP systems and data handling.

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Software/Hardware troubleshooting determines any issues that maybe existing currently in the SAP/ERP systems. Any such issues are noted down and are conveyed to our client for further instructions.


Data Backups

Before we begin our operations, it is important to create backup points for all mailers, large storage files and data. We try to ensure that all these files are restored back in pristine form, placed where they have been. But depending on the kind of maintenance operations, it may be necessary to save them separately and a new legacy data folder may have to be created to back them up.

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Maintenance/Upgrading Tasks

Depending on client instructions, we proceed with our tasks, upgrading existing IT infrastructure with new hardware, installing updated OS and configuring existing SAP/ERP software for the new server OS. Every SAP/ERP software have their own framework requirements and depending on that, we either upgrade them or we have to setup a new SAP/ERP system from scratch.


Restoring User Privileges

Once we are done with our operations, we create rules and IDs for users to login and setup their profiles on the new SAP/ERP system.

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