Free Email Archiving Integrated in MDaemon Email Server

MDaemon Email Server software for Windows offers simple, intuitive email archiving to meet the basic archiving needs of many organizations. MDaemon Email Server’s built-in archiving capabilities allow you to safeguard your important data while meeting regulatory compliance at no extra cost. 

Email Archiving Features in MDaemon Email Server

Our solution provides a multi-layered defense against today’s evolving threats, making us a leading contender for the best secure email gateway. We offer advanced features like:

Simple, Intuitive Archive Management

Managing archives in MDaemon Email Server is straightforward and user-friendly. First, enable message archiving in MDaemon’s settings under Setup > Archiving, specifying a directory for storage. Organize the archive with a clear folder structure by year and month.

Custom Access per User, Group, Sender, or Receiver

In MDaemon Email Server, customize access to email archives by configuring user and group permissions. Navigate to Accounts > Account Manager, and adjust settings in the Access Control tab for specific users or groups.

Global and Per-Domain Archiving

In MDaemon Email Server, you can configure both global and per-domain archiving settings. For global archiving, navigate to Setup > Archiving and enable message archiving for all domains.

Archive Search from MDaemon Webmail

To search archived emails from MDaemon Webmail (WorldClient), log in to your WorldClient account and use the search bar. Enter keywords, sender/receiver addresses, or date ranges to find specific archived messages.

IMAP Archive Access

In MDaemon Email Server, users can access archived emails via IMAP. Configure an IMAP account in your email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) and point it to the archive folder. Ensure the archive folder is subscribed and accessible under the IMAP settings.

Archive Message Export Options (Move to Mailbox or .MSG file)

MDaemon Email Server offers flexible archive message export options. Users can move archived messages to a specific mailbox or export them as .MSG files. To move messages to a mailbox, use the MDaemon Webmail interface to select and move the desired emails.

Easily Browse Archives via Queue and Statistics Manager

In MDaemon Email Server, the Queue and Statistics Manager provides an easy way to browse archives. Access it via Queue > Queue and Statistics Manager in the MDaemon console. Here, you can view and search through archived messages efficiently, using filters for dates, senders, and recipients.

Search Attachment File Names

In MDaemon Email Server, users can easily search attachment file names within emails. Using the search functionality in MDaemon's email client or webmail interface, simply enter the file name you're looking for.

Archive Inbound and Outbound Email

In MDaemon Email Server, you can effortlessly archive both inbound and outbound emails for compliance and record-keeping purposes. Simply enable the archiving feature in MDaemon's settings, specifying the directory for storage.

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What is MDaemon® Email Archiving?
MDaemon® Email Archiving is a feature of the MDaemon Email Server that allows you to store and retrieve emails for compliance, regulatory, or backup purposes.
How does MDaemon® Email Archiving work?
MDaemon® Email Archiving works by capturing incoming and outgoing email messages and storing them in a separate archive database, which can be easily searched and retrieved when needed.
What are the benefits of using MDaemon® Email Archiving?

Some benefits of using MDaemon® Email Archiving include:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improved email storage management
  • Quick and easy retrieval of archived emails
  • Enhanced data security and protection
Is MDaemon® Email Archiving secure?
Yes, MDaemon® Email Archiving is designed with security in mind. It provides options for encryption, access controls, and audit trails to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of archived emails.
Can I search for specific emails in the MDaemon® Email Archive?
Yes, MDaemon® Email Archiving includes search functionality that allows you to quickly find specific emails based on criteria such as sender, recipient, subject, or date.
How long can emails be stored in the MDaemon® Email Archive?
The retention period for emails in the MDaemon® Email Archive can be configured based on your organization's policies and compliance requirements. You can set retention periods to meet specific needs.
Can archived emails be exported from MDaemon® Email Archiving?
Yes, MDaemon® Email Archiving typically allows you to export archived emails in standard formats such as PST (Personal Storage Table) or EML (Email Message) files for backup or migration purposes.
Is MDaemon® Email Archiving compatible with third-party email clients?
MDaemon® Email Archiving is designed to work seamlessly with the MDaemon Email Server, but it may also be compatible with some third-party email clients that support standard email protocols.